control measured parameters during your group training

The pulsstory monitor is a tool for controlling heart rate, cadence, speed, power during group activities. The ongoing control of mentioned body parameters makes even the most intensive trainings safe.

The current parameters of each participant are displayed on the room wall. The trainer and participants can observe them all the time.

The trainer has the ability to adjust the intensity of the classes and counteract excessive strain on the body of the participants. He can comment on the measured parameters at any time and give appropriate tips to the participants. Thanks to pulsstory monitor every participant, seeing his current results, has the opportunity to understand his body’s reaction to new challenges.




benefits for the club

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additional advantage

The pulsstory monitor software is an additional advantage of the club, which significantly increases the attractiveness of its offer. The ability to track heart rate parameters during training is an additional attraction and stimulation for club members.

Training with current body parameters displayed in the room is a more interesting form of classes than traditional form. This will attract club members to choose this type of training.

low cost

All you need is standard heart rate monitors and a computer with Internet access.

Thanks to the club community created on the pulsstory portal, each group training in the club can be performed using the pulsstory monitor. No restrictions as to the number of participants, displayed parameters and even place of event. Such training can take place even outside the club, for example a large club event with a large screen.


Training with a pulsstory monitor consist of consecutive, properly planned exercises. Each of them has a level of intensity specified by the trainer and the expected parameters to achieve.

During the training, the participants perform successive stages, controlling the body’s work, consciously distributing their power to achieve the parameters set by the trainer.


Thanks to trainings with a pulsstory monitor, the coach learns abilities of the exercisers faster and easier and club members can make better use of their potential.

Such training is an additional motivation, because the participants, observe how the body reacts, become more involved in developing their own abilities.

Each of the exercisers is automatically verified if they are exercising according to the training plan. On this basis, the current assessment of correctness of the task execution is displayed.


The results gathered during training in the club can be later analyzed by each participant on their pulsstory account.

Having access to all individual and group training sessions, the club member can observe the achieved performance parameters, the number of calories burned, and other statistics. He can compare the results and create upcoming training calendar or a preparation plan for selected competitions either alone or together with the club coach.


Information about trainings performed with friends, events, competitions, and actions can be transferred via the pulsstory portal to all club members.

An additional communication channel means that all interested members will be informed about the new club event with the pulsstory monitor.

To learn more about the pulsstory portal, how it supports the club’s activities, how much it helps in organizing club events and charities, and how useful it is to strengthen customer loyalty