requirements and accessories

the basic requirement to make a club training using activity monitor is an active club account and individual accounts of class participants on the pulsstory portal.
accessories for the club
club account

club account created at pulsstory portal allows to create club community and preform group trainings as well as events using activity monitor.

ANT+ HR sensor

every training participant must have a belt with a heart rate monitor. The sensors continuously transmit data to the pulsstory monitor. The belt can be owned by the club member or the club.

ANT+ USB receiver

receiver plugged into computer USB port. It enables wireless communication with a compatible device in order to automatically exchange exercise data. We recommend Garmin USB Ant Stick.

PC using Windows 7 or higher

run the application provided by pulsstory on your computer. After the start, system will recognize the sensors of training participants.


large screen or high definition projector will let every participant to  observe the parameters of the group training.
Equipment recommended for trainings in large groups.

club members accessories
if training participants use pulsstory mobile application on their smartphones
user’s account

free user’s account at pulsstory portal

pulsstory mobile application

free mobile application for registering training parameters at pulsstory portal

Bluetooth HR sensor

Every training participant must have Bluetooth HR strap. Such belt belongs to the participant.

if training participants don’t use smartphone
user’s account

free user’s account at pulsstory portal

ANT+ HR sensor

every training participant must have ANT+ heart rate sensor. It doesn’t matter if the sensor belongs to the participant or was borrowed from the club.

pulsstory  monitor technology is more than 

– measuring your HR

If the club has other sensors like power, cadence or pace sensors – such equipment can be connected to the system to display additional parameters during group training.